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Augusta Cucina e Cicchetto

Last update date: 10/06/2020 - 08:34

Summer handicrafts and collectors markets

from 15 June to 12 September 2020
100 Days Party in Torre Pedrera, Viserbella, Viserba, Rivabella, Marina Centro, Bellariva, Marebello, Rivazzurra, Miramare

Marina centro: ArtigianInstrada'  Summer market by crafts with hand made products, from producers to consumers
Rimini, viale Vespucci
Every Monday and Thursday from 5 pm to 00 am from 15 June to 10 September 2020

Torre Pedrera:
'Exhibition market of crafts and antiques''
Via Tolmetta
Every Monday from 8 pm to midnight - from 29 June to 7 September 2020

'Craftsmen and Antiquarians Market'
Piazza Paolucci di Calboli
Every Thursday from 8 pm to midnight - from 16 July to 10 September 2020

'Craftsmen, antiquarians and collectors on the square'
Piazza Pascoli
Every Tuesday from 6 pm to midnight - from 7 July to 8 September 2020

Summer craft market: Hand Made 2020'
Piazzale Adamello
Every Friday from 6.30 pm to 00 am from 26 June to 4 September 2020

'Bancarelle al mare'  
Piazzale Toscanini
Every Sunday from 6 pm to midnight - from 5 July to 6 September 2020

'Art'Ingegno' - Summer market by artisans, collectors and hobbyists
via Rapallo (sea side)
Every Wednesday from 6 pm to midnight - from 17 June to 2 September 2020

'Art'Ingegno' - Summer market by artisans, collectors and hobbyists
Gardens, viale Regina Margherita from beach area n. 120 to 128
Every Monday from 5 pm to 00 am from 22 June to 7 September and Saturday 2020


'Craftsmen, antiquarians and collectors market' 
Lungomare Spadazzi
Every Tuesday from 6 pm to midnight - from 23 June to 15 September 2020

'La Fiera di Miramare',  traditional market
viale Oliveti - sea side
Every Thursday from 5 pm to 00 am from 18 June to 10 September 2020 + 14,15 August 2020

Festa dei Balocchi', Market of used toys dedicated to childrens from 5 to 12 years
viale Oliveti - sea side
Every Monday from 6 pm - from 6 July to 31 August 2020

0541 53399 (Touristic Information Office)

Yoga at the Tiberius Bridge

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Tiberius Bridge's basin
Outdoors group lessons of traditional yoga

Traditional yoga classes in one of the most evocative places in Rimini, one step away from Tiberius Bridge.
The lessons, lasting 90 minutes, are held by Rimini Yogi every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7.00pm to 8.30pm in the basin of the Tiberius Bridge.
The lessons both for beginners and for lovers of the discipline are free with free offer.
To guarantee hygiene and distance measures, the partecipation in the courses requires the compilation of an ON LINE FORM and the booking of lessons through association's Facebook page.


From 7.00pm to 8.30pm
Free with free offer
+39 331 528 5154

Every Monday and Thursday evening from 15 June to 10 September 2020
viale Vespucci - Rimini Marina Centro
Market exhibition of artistic crafts, food and more

Assovespucci Association offers a market exhibition of artistic crafts, food and more, on Monday and Thursday evenings, throughout the summer.


From 8.00pm


Last update date: 08/07/2020 - 12:45

Macfrut Digital 2020

From Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 September 2020
The Digital trade-show of the Fruit & Veg Sector

The uncertainty surrounding the current health emergency has made it difficult to organise the traditional trade fair, now in its 37th edition, in the usual way.
So, Macfrut, trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector, goes Digital. 
Hosted by the Natlive platform, a three-day event for sector professionals with B2B meetings and buyers from all over the world.This innovative project makes Macfrut the first digital trade fair for the fruit and vegetable industry.
All visitors, from all across Italy and from all over the world, will be able to access and participate in this three-day virtual trade fair by using a personal device (PC, tablet or smartphone).
Macfrut Digital will consist of two areas: the Exhibition and the Forum.  To log in, please register on (registration is free of charge). Once logged in, visitors can watch an interactive map divided by product sector and explore all the virtual “stands” to find out more about an exhibitor’s product range, request information,and organise B2B meetings in live streaming.
There are plenty of advantages for exhibitors: an agenda of scheduled meetings with buyers and the opportunity to interact, also face-to-face in live streaming, with professionals from all over the world.
Together with the commercial part, Macfrut Digital hosts the Technical Forums.
During these three days Macfrut Digital will host a series of live-streamed conferences, which can be viewed on the Natlive platform, upon free registration. The topics will include innovations in horticulture, news in the greenhouse sector, Acquacampus and innovations in irrigation, and the Biostimulant Forum. The platform will also be available to exhibitors for dedicated events.



Giardini d'Autore

18 - 20 September 2020
Waiting for Giardini d'Autore, in the meantime here some suggestions on how to take care of the garden at home

Gardeners know well what patience is, the time of waiting, the time of sacrifice, the time of care, the time needed to protect the seeds in the earth to keep them sheltered. Nature tells us that we need a stop to reborn and flourish more luxuriant every year. So the gardening exhibition with the best Italian nurserymen returns to Rimini for the autumn edition, to re-propose a program full of appointments and new ideas for decorating home and garden with garden experts, artisans, artists and designers.
Meanwhile, watch the video below.


Mare di Libri (Sea of Books) 2020 in digital format

From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 June 2020
Festival of young readers-13th edition

For thirteen years, Mare di Libri has been the children's literature festival created by children.
An event dedicated to cultural fun, a meeting place for all children who love books and reading and who want to meet authors and other peers who share their passions.
This year, due to the Covid_19 emergency, Mare di Libri will take a new form, and will exist in a digital edition, on which it is being worked.

+39 328 0405887

Sintonie High-End Video Exhibition

Spring 2021
Palacongressi, via della Fiera, 23 - Rimini
Hi-fi national fair

Sintonie High End, the main event in Italy dedicated to the best of high fidelity, video, consumer electronics and car audio, scheduled at the Palacongressi in Rimini, is postponed to spring 2021.
The event aims to update experts, audiophiles, but also common "tourists of video and listening" on the most important news from the world of home entertainment.
As with other events, Sintonie High End, for a sense of responsibility due to the spread of Covid-19 in Italy and in the rest of the world, has chosen to postpone the 23rd edition of the fair event.

+39 0541 711500 (Palacongressi)