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Rimini city centre

Rimini, which consists of an extensive sea-beach side and an old heart, the town centre, is an open, hospitable and people-friendly city. In the centre, the ancient narrow streets and squares such as Corso d’Augusto, Via Gambalunga, Piazza Cavour, Piazza Tre Martiri and Piazza Ferrari are pedestrian zones and some parts, like the 'old fish market square', are a popular meeting place for young people in particular, who have become even more numerous now that Rimini is an important university centre with over 5,000 students. Near the old stone counters where fish was once sold, trendy bars and pubs have opened turning this charming 'little square' into the heart of 'nightlife' in Romagna.

There are plenty of opportunities for discovering Rimini’s treasures. From June until September, a guided tour called 'A walk in the past' is held every Tuesday (departure at 9.00 am from the URP offices at 158, Corso d’Augusto). The tour aims to recount different periods of the city’s history by stopping at its most important monuments including Tiberius Bridge, the Arch of Augustus and harmonious Pigna fountain that so enchanted Leonardo da Vinci. On special request, the tour ends at the Municipal Museum.

Important ethnographical, art and photographic exhibitions are held throughout the year in historic palaces such as Palazzo Arengo, in the Municipal Museum, in the Dinz Rialto Museum of Extra-European Cultures (its new premises will open shortly at Villa Alvarado in Covignano di Rimini), and within the ancient walls of Castel Sismondo.

For those who love shopping, Corso d’Augusto and the surrounding area are a must and offer everything from craft shops selling traditional, rust-printed cloth to top boutiques selling famous designer labels.

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